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The Chancery program is designed as a companion to Parish Friendly Solution to be used at the Diocese level. The Chancery only holds sacramental information consolidated from all parishes. It provides master lists of sacraments and generates certificates. The main advantage of The Chancery is that sacraments can be loaded from the parishes electronically either from an email file or an electronic file eliminating the need for re-keying of sacramental data from the parishes.

My Contribution Manager

My Contribution Manager is a pledge based application designed to track donation contributions from sub-groups, like a charity with different cities feeding contributions into one organization. It also works well for big campaign charity organizations who need to track donations from many sources. For example, a diocese wide annual appeal, with each church providing pledges  and donations  into a master list. The flexibility of this application allows for varying starting dates for the appeal and allows campaigns to span across multiple years. It also generates annual tax receipts for donors.

Cemetery Application

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