About Sitescapers

Sitescapers Contracting is an Information Technology company originally created in 1997 to build Internet Web Sites for clients. Unfortunately, the company was created too early for clients to leverage our services as the internet was not yet being widely used as a business promotion tool. We found ourselves developing more custom database applications for clients than web sites. Over the last 10 to 15 years, one of those custom database has evolved into Parish Friendly Solutions. Our flagship product is targeted for Catholic Churches to be a church secretaries tool box for maintaining parishioner information, recording donations, tracking ministries and sacraments, as well as issuing Tax Receipts, Sacrament certificates, acknowledgements and other related information. Parish Friendly Solutions has enabled us to visit all areas of Canada as well as the United States & Trinidad to promote and support the use of Parish Friendly solutions in hundreds of parishes. In these travels we have met many friendly secretaries, priests and volunteers.  Many of these people have contributed to product as it is today through their interest & suggestions. Along the way, Sitescapers Contracting has developed other companion products including The Chancery, My Contribution Manager (used for campaign donations & receipting only), Cemeteries by Grid and other similar single use products. Going forward, Sitescapers Contracting is drawing up plans to continue building & supporting Parish Friendly Solutions and other products for our hundreds of clients. No one knows the directions of Information Technology might head in the near or distance future, but Sitescapers Contacting will continue to monitor & push in the directions needed by the clients.