1. Is it possible to import Sacrament data from another application or spreadsheets into Parish Friendly Solutions?

2.When creating a Sacrament, why does Parish Friendly not assign mother & father directly from the Family Screen information?

3.How do we change a tax receipt to be issued to a husband & wife instead of just one person.

4.We have a new computer, how do we move Parish Friendly Solutions from the old computer to the new computer?

5:There appears to be multiple entries for a Priests name in my list of Clergy, is it possible to clean this up?

6.Why it is important to do a back-up regularly?

7.In the Sacrament screen there are some fields at the bottom and I am not sure what they are for: #______  Book/Vol#______    Page/Entry #______  ?

8.How do we print the Confirmation Notation and the Marriage Notation on the Baptism Certificate?

9.How do I save information I have just entered on any screen in PFS?

10.I keep getting a strange error message. How can I remove it and continue working?

11.How do I close the year in Parish Friendly Solutions?

12.Can I still enter donations for the previous year after January 1st?

13.How do I change the date format on the Sacrament Certificates?

14.Parish Friendly Solutions will not allow me to generate my tax receipts. When I try to generate I get the following message: “Can Not Generate a whole year if over 100 Receipts already exist, choose PRINT One Year of Tax Receipts to Preview & Print”.

15.How do I insert the Parish Charitable Registration Number on the Tax Receipts?

16.Why am I unable to type any donations in the Donations Screen?

17.Why are the envelope numbers assigned for the new year not working?

18.Can I still enter last year donations under last year envelope numbers after I have switched to the new year numbers?