Upgrade to Version 7

Parishes currently working with Parish Friendly Solutions Version 6 are encouraged to upgrade now!

Order your Version 7 upgrade

BEFORE June 1, 2017


After June 1, 2017, the cost increases to $499.00+GST


Parish Friendly Solutions Version 8 is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2018. At that time, Version 6 licenses will no longer be eligible for upgrade pricing and will require the purchase of a new license. As technology changes, Sitescapers Contracting cannot guarantee the performance of older versions of the software.

What’s New in Version 7?

  • Certificate Designer : The most requested feature on our wish list and allows you to create your own Sacrament Certificates!
  • New Sacrament Certificate Features
  • Ashes and cremations recording included in Death Records
  • Many added features to Police Information Check module
  • New searches options available in the family screen
  • Many new reports
  • And much more.